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Doro's Premium - Filter Coffee Colombia

Doro's Premium - Filter Coffee Colombia

The carefully selected, high-quality Arabica beans from Colombia are roasted precisely to bring out their special geographical scent. Doro’s Premium Filter Colombia coffee bags are filled with nothing but the tastiest single-origin coffees that allow you to prepare a fresh cup of filter coffee wherever you are in just a few minutes. The roast gives it a fruity aroma and a satisfying sweet taste that is irresistible. Suitable for filter coffee machines or coffee pots.

  • Product Details

    Bohnen 100% Arabica
    Zutaten Geröstete Kaffeebohnen (100 % Kaffeebohnen)
    Inhalt 150g / 300g Geröstete Kaffeebohnen
    Lagerung Kühl & Trocken Lagern (+15℃ - 25℃)
    Verwendungszweck Filterkaffeemaschinen / Glaskanne
    Röstintensität Mittlere Röstung
    Bohnen Herkunft Kolumbien
    Koffeingehalt Mittel
    Geschmack Aromatisch, Walnuss, Schokoladig, Fruchtig


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