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Find Your Personal Type of Coffee

Discover Your Perfect Coffee Match for Your Personality


The Italian Classic For those who appreciate intensity and richness, espresso is your match. This Italian-origin brew is thicker and more concentrated, perfect for those who enjoy a strong, full-bodied experience.

Café Latte:

Smooth and Creamy Ideal for those who prefer a milder taste. Café Latte, or Café Au Lait, combines a shot of espresso with frothy milk and flavored syrup, creating a harmonious blend.


The Delicate Balance Perfect for those who like a touch of sweetness. Macchiato is crafted with espresso and a hint of heated milk, striking a balance between bold and soft flavors.


Double the Intensity For the bold at heart, Doppio offers a double shot of espresso. This 60 ml beverage is fragrant and full-flavored, a true coffee lover's choice.


The Timeless Italian Cappuccino, a traditional Italian drink, combines espresso with steamed and frothed milk in equal parts. It's perfect for those who enjoy history in their cup.


The Light and Layered Americano features espresso added to water, topped with a light brown crema. Ideal for those who love a deep flavor without the intensity of straight espresso.

Long Black:

The Slow Savor Long Black starts with boiling water, then a double shot of espresso is added. It's for those who take their time to enjoy the subtleties of coffee.

Café Mocha:

The Decadent Delight With whipped cream, chocolate, and cinnamon, Café Mocha is for the indulgent ones. Sometimes served with a marshmallow, it's a treat in a cup.


The Chilled Thrill A blend of coffee, ice, and optional sweeteners or flavors, Frappe is for the adventurous and lively personalities.

Flat White:

The Creamy Dream Espresso with a generous amount of steamed milk makes Flat White. It's for those who seek a creamy, smooth coffee experience.

Black Coffee:

The Purist's Choice For those who appreciate the unadulterated taste of coffee, Black Coffee offers a rich aroma and flavor in its purest form.

Drip Coffee:

The Traditionalist's Brew Drip Coffee, or filter coffee, is for those who value tradition. Made via pour-over or drip machine, it's a classic method for a classic taste.

Turkish Coffee:

The Exotic Indulgence Made in a cezve with Arabica beans, Turkish coffee is for the culturally curious. It’s boiled till foamy and served with a distinctive taste.

Irish Coffee:

The Spirited Blend Combining black coffee, sugar, whipped cream, and Irish whiskey, Irish Coffee is for those who enjoy a spirited kick in their coffee.

Café Crème:

The French Elegance Espresso with hot heavy cream, Café Crème is for those who love a softer, creamier flavor. The unpasteurized French milk adds a unique touch.

Vienna Mocha:

The Luxurious Treat For those who adore luxury, Vienna Mocha offers an espresso shot topped with whipped cream – a simple yet elegant indulgence.


The Refreshing Choice A chilled drink of strong black coffee over ice, Mazagran is perfect for those who prefer a refreshing coffee experience.


The Flavorful Fusion A combination of coffee, hot chocolate, and whipped cream, garnished with orange peel. Borgia is for the adventurous flavor seekers.

Dirty Chai Latte:

The Spicy Adventure A mix of espresso, masala chai, and steamed milk, topped with whipped cream. For those who enjoy a spicy twist.

Piccolo Latte:

The Subtle Sophistication A ristretto shot with warm milk in a small glass, Piccolo Latte is for those who appreciate subtlety and sophistication in their coffee.


The Sweet Indulgence Espresso with a scoop of vanilla cream, Affogato is a dream for those who love their coffee sweet and indulgent.

The Eyes:

The Pure Blend Straight-up coffee with filtered coffee, The Eyes is for those who desire a pure, unblended coffee experience.


The Spirited Mix Espresso mixed with liquor, Corretto is for the bold and spirited, offering a unique twist to the coffee experience.

South Indian Filter Coffee:

The Cultural Experience A traditional brew, poured back and forth to blend sugar and milk, it’s for those who enjoy a cultural touch in their coffee.


The East Meets West A mix of Hong Kong milk tea and sweetened milk coffee, Yuanyang is perfect for those who love a fusion of flavors.


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