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Doro's Premium - Hazelnut

Doro's Premium - Hazelnut

With a name as adorable as that, how could this coffee savor not be tasty? And obviously, it is. Never tasted hazelnut coffee before? Undoubtedly, you are missing a lot if you are a fan of flavored coffee.Doro’s Premium Hazelnut has a very intense hazelnut flavor. These coffee capsules are made from premium quality beans, which give a smooth and natural aroma. Its slightly sweet, creamy, and aromatic nutty taste creates the rich flavor of the coffee. Surely, the outcome is a delicious and scented cup of coffee.

  • Product Details

    Bohnen 100% Arabica
    Zutaten Geröstete & Gemahlene Kaffeebohnen (100 % Kaffeebohnen)
    Inhalt 8 Aluminium Kaffeekapseln
    Lagerung Kühl & Trocken Lagern (+15℃ - 25℃)
    Verwendungszweck Nespresso* Kompatible Maschinen
    Röstintensität Mittlere Röstung
    Bohnen Herkunft Südamerika
    Koffeingehalt Mittel
    Geschmack Aromatisch, Weich, Haselnuss


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