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Doro's Premium - Nicaragua

Doro's Premium - Nicaragua

Nicaraguan coffee has a medium to smooth texture and noticeable but moderate acidity. It has a rich yet delicate flavor, balanced sweetness, and a nutty scent with undertones of vanilla. The coffee beans have floral and chocolatey overtones that are released upon squeezing this medium roast. Nicaraguan coffee is commonly typical of Central American coffees, although it is less acidic than most other Central American coffees. When preparing this variation, the air instinctively fills with citrus and chocolate aromas. Is there anyone who doesn’t like citrus notes in coffee? Certainly NO..! But if you’re one of those people who crave something out of the ordinary, there’s nothing better than Doro’s Premium Nicaragua!

  • Product Details

    Bohnen 100% Arabica
    Zutaten Geröstete Kaffeebohnen (100% Kaffeebohnen)
    Inhalt 250g / 500g Geröstete Kaffeebohnen
    Lagerung Kühl & Trocken Lagern (+15°C – 25°C)
    Verwendungszweck Gastronomie Kaffeemaschinen & Vollautomaten
    Röstintensität Mitteldunkle Röstung
    Bohnen Herkunft Nicaragua
    Koffeingehalt Mittel
    Geschmack Aromatisch, Intesiv, Zitrus, Schokoladig


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