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Doro's Premium - Gourmet

Doro's Premium - Gourmet

Doro’s Premium Gourmet has a walnut chocolate flavor. This coffee is made from pure Arabica coffee beans directly from the origins of South and Central America. The medium roast brings out the intense flavor of the coffee and fills the air with its appealing aroma, a chocolaty flavor that varies between medium and strong. An all-in-one product ideal for espresso, coffee, cappuccino, and latte macchiato lovers. This blend is just what your coffee collection needs!

  • Product Details

    Bohnen 100% Arabica
    Zutaten Geröstete & Gemahlene Kaffeebohnen (100 % Kaffeebohnen)
    Inhalt 8 Kaffeekapseln
    Lagerung Kühl & Trocken Lagern (+15°C – 25°C)
    Verwendungszweck Nespresso ®* Kompatible Maschinen
    Röstintensität Mittlere Röstung
    Bohnen Herkunft Süd und Mittelamerika
    Koffeingehalt Mittel - Hoch
    Geschmack Aromatisch, Kräftig, Nussig, Schokoladig


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